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We will help you to get a Swedish driving licence!

First- you have to apply at " Transportstyrelsen" to get a permit to drive and togive us chance to book your tests at
Trafikverket.You have to fill in a form and do a test of your eye sight.When you studie the theoretic
part you will use our new system "Elevcentralen Premium", in english!

(When you do the theoretic test at Trafikverket , you can do it in your mother tongue)

The driving lessons are 55 minutes long.When you have shown your teacher that you can perform
basic driving,he can tell you approximately how many lessons that remain for you in order to
complete your education and go to the test at Trafikverket.

Please book a time to talk with Peter Malmgren at Ninas .He will present for you the proper way to get your
Swedish driving license.You book the meeting with him at our office, or by phone Stefan 070-5450107

We hope your stay whit us will be a pleasant one!

Ninas Trafikskola AB